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Boat Servicing

Regular servicing and maintenance of all your boat’s equipment and systems is vital to ensure high performance and longevity of all systems. Main engines, generators, water makers and air conditioning systems all need regular attention. Our team, based on the beautiful Gold Coast, are equipped with the skills and insights to schedule your service in-house, or custom-tailor a specialised program exclusively for your vessel. This ensures you’re able to keep all aspects of your boat in order, alongside having the support and expertise of a highly skilled team close to hand. Your tender and any onboard toys, such as jet skis, will also be serviced to the highest standard, ensuring they are safe, reliable and always ready to go. Your servicing can also be done in conjunction with your annual antifouling system application. This ‘all in one go’ option minimises the time your boat spents out of the water in any given year and gives you excellent value for money across your marina and hardstand fees. If you only have to lift your boat once a year, then you’ll save a lot of money instantly!


Why is boat servicing important?

Maintaining your vessel is just as important as keeping your car well-serviced, if not more so, given the hostile and challenging environment in which your boat lives. Salt water, wind and constant sun exposure are serious enemies to all materials and systems found on and within your boat, but with care and attention, small issues can be easily resolved as they invariably arise.

During your service and vessel inspection, our team of experts can examine and assess the structural, electrical and mechanical components of your vessel. This includes the following:

  • Electrical systems: Looking for corrosion and ensuring all terminals, spark plugs, connectors and other electrical aspects are in good shape. Navigational lights will be checked to ensure they are in top working order. All key electrical systems will be observed and checked, including air conditioning, water makers, bilge pumps, toilets, lights, navigation systems and your shore power.
  • Batteries: No one wants to be left calling for marine rescue in the middle of the ocean due to simple battery failure. If you have a genuine marine battery installed, its manual will tell you the optimum capacity and charge requirements – this should be checked regularly and we will take a look at how your batteries are performing within the service programme.
  • Fuel: We’ll change any necessary filters, so that all fuel entering your engine is clean and your engines run smoothly.
  • Fire risks: We look across your boat to ensure there’s no potential for leaks in systems or poor ventilation issues – fundamental failures that could induce a dangerous situation if left unchecked.
  • General care: Beyond all of the above, we’ll go through your vessel with a fine-tooth comb to ensure everything’s working as it should be, any structural issues are identified and any evidence of general wear and tear is promptly addressed.

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