Boat Repairs Gold Coast


With an extensive range of professional boat management services on offer from our in-house team, we provide boat owners on the Gold Coast with top-quality boat repairs. Our comprehensive product offering includes:

  • Repair work for insurance claims
  • Fibreglass – fabrication and maintenance
  • Gelcoat work
  • Painting and fairing
  • Upholstery maintenance and repair
  • Teak and stainless steel repair and rejuvenation services
  • Mechanical boat repairs
  • Maintenance and rejuvenation of all internal fabrications
  • Through-hole fittings and seacocks


These are just a few areas of our expertise and we have a complete services list available. Click here to read more.


Boat repairs centered around convenience

We aim to make your life easier by carrying out any necessary servicing, maintenance, upkeep, detailing and more, right when you need it most. As these works are typically very time-consuming and sometimes costly, our experts are well-versed in ensuring the entire process is carefully streamlined – eliminating downtime, maximising productivity and ensuring you get back out on the water, exactly where you want to be.

Undertaking, coordinating and overseeing a variety of services to keep work on your boat on schedule, we provide exceptional solutions across the Gold Coast. Be it monthly, quarterly or on a yearly basis – we deliver the best professional boat management services, covering all aspects of your vessel. From detailing to servicing to scheduling your annual antifouling treatment, let us show you exactly why we’re one of the most trusted professional teams in the game.

Beyond regular servicing, we can also custom-design a maintenance program dedicated to your specific vessel. This covers each and every detail of your boat, ensuring no element requiring care and maintenance is missed. We’ll examine all areas of your vessel, assess the need for specific work to be undertaken and identify potential issues before they turn into much bigger and far more expensive problems if left unattended.



Boat Repairs Gold Coast

Why have your boat serviced regularly?

Just like your sports car, your vessel needs regular love and attention to keep everything in great shape. Frequent servicing is absolutely key in ensuring your vessel remains in perfect order, safe to operate and also looks its very best while out cruising.

Catching smaller repair jobs before they turn into more complex dramas is also crucial. You’ll always save money in the long-run on by keeping the maintenance of your vessel in order and under control.

If you’re not sure where to start or simply want to see how we can help you protect your vessel and maximise your time out on the water, we recommend that you get in touch with the Proyacht team for a no-obligation discussion.