Gold Coast Antifouling Specialists

As an incredibly important part of your boat’s routine care, the quality of your antifouling system affects both the performance of your vessel and its efficiency. From fuel economy through to maintaining the long-term condition of your hull, carrying out all necessary servicing in this area is crucial.

By preventing the growth of marine debris and organic matter on the bottom of your boat, you’ll ensure your vessel is able to perform at its very best, all-year-round, saving on fuel by reducing drag and protecting the fundamental integrity of your hull.

At Proyacht, our experts deliver the very best antifouling service on the Gold Coast, carefully assessing all areas of your hull and running gear and actioning all necessary work quickly and efficiently. From start to finish, we’ll deliver a high quality antifouling service, using very thorough preparation processes and trusted professional products.

As a specialised division of Proyacht, Marine Antifoul Specialists is the longest established antifouling business both in The Boat Works and the region. Best of all, our crew are seasoned experts in this vital marine service and know exactly how to deliver an end product which blows our competitors out of the water. Quite simply, we’re the Original and The Best!

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Let us tackle your antifoul needs

We aim to make your life easier by carrying out any necessary servicing, repairs and maintenance exactly when you need it the most – when your boat is out of the water! It’s expensive to lift any boat, so we aim to kill numerous seagulls with one stone once your boat is with us. As we’ve spent many years in the field, we know exactly how to deliver exceptional services which are cost-effective, reliable and always exceed expectations.

No matter what stage of the process, we’ll ensure you’re kept well informed of any work which needs to be undertaken or which requires your attention and consideration. Whether you’re simply looking for your annual antifouling application or a whole range of additional services and support, we’re here to help.

Additionally, we can carefully manage all external subcontractors for you, if such services are ever required, so your single, easy point of contact is the Proyacht team. Enjoy the seamless convenience of having your vessel well-cared for, without having to constantly communicate with and coordinate numerous different work teams or companies.  We do all of that for you.

If you’re not sure where to start, get in touch with the Proyacht team on 0487 770 007 to find out more and to speak to seasoned experts. We’re always more than happy to guide you in the right direction or answer any questions you may have, without obligation.



Antifoul Gold Coast

Our Premium Antifoul procedures are as follows:

  • By wet-rubbing your hull and running gear – including cleaning skin fittings, hull strainers and more – we’ll jump straight into the action. We always work hard to go the extra mile during the preparation stage, allowing us to truly reflect the reputation we’ve managed to establish for high-quality services on the Gold Coast.
  • Where necessary, we’ll apply primers using a single pac or two pac product.
  • We’ll mask up your boat so that it is well-protected from any potential overspray. Then, we’ll coat it in two coats of high-quality antifoul paint. This runs straight across your hull and running gear, using our airless spray equipment if appropriate. A third coat is then applied to all leading edges to ensure the longevity of your new system.
  • We also have a boat collection service available, which is undertaken by an experienced skipper. We can collect your boat from your private dock or home marina and then deliver it back once the work has been done. Easy!
  • Propspeed application and anode replacements are also efficiently undertaken, as required.

Sandblasting services are also available to remove all previous antifouling systems and to treat any osmosis or blistering in the fairing.