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Established on the Gold Coast almost 15 years ago, Proyacht is a well-respected name in the boat management industry, providing honest and deep expertise across all aspects of vessel management. We offer a comprehensive range of professional management services to a very broad circle of boat owners here on the Coast, many of whom have been consistently using our services since. We have a specialised marine engineering Gold Coast team that can help you today. Proyacht Boat Management makes your life easier because servicing, repairing, maintaining, washing, detailing and even refuelling your boat can be extremely time consuming if you try to organise everything yourself. Your leisure time out on the water, relaxing with family and friends, can be significantly compromised by these substantial demands and many owners may even wonder why they bothered to get a boat at all! It can all be extremely frustrating. That’s where we can help you. We undertake and oversee all of the services your boat requires on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, from regular washing and detailing to your annual antifouling treatment. We manage all external subcontractors for you, so your single point of contact is the Proyacht team, rather than numerous different trades. Simple. Read More


Antifouling is an incredibly important part of routine boat care, affecting the performance of your boat, fuel economy and also the long term condition of boat. By inhibiting marine growth on the bottom of your boat, you will ensure that your boat performs at its peak level all year routine.

Marine Antifoul Specialists,a specialised division of Proyacht Boat Management, is the longest established Antifouling company within The Boat Works and our antifouling crew are seasoned experts in this vital marine service.

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